SE LTD Sand-Blasted Swamp Ash (DIV KLEUREN)

€ 895,00
SE Ltd Sand-Blasted Swamp Ash. This very striking limited run features a solid Swamp ash top in place of the regular model’s maple top and veneer. The solid Swamp Ash is sand-blasted and then grain filled to add colour (this great finish is borrowed with thanks from our Private Stock team!) The result is a stunning and unique look that enhances the natural beauty and very different grain patterns of Swamp Ash; no two of this limited run of only 750 pcs (Europe only) will be alike. The Sand Blasted Ltd SE Custom 24 hebben we in de kleuren: Sand-blasted Frozen Charcoal, Sand-blasted Fire Red, Sand-blasted Indigo, Sand-blasted Yellow & Sand-blasted Emerald. slechts 895,- euro Incl de bekende PRS hoes.
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